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Astrofisica Generale mod.B
Laboratorio II
Esperimentazione di Fisica I
Usefull formule
Una notte al telescopio
Smongo macro for non-weighted least squares polynomial fit (any degree)
10th NEON observing School, Asiago, 10-22 September 2012
Old stuff
6th NEON observing School, Asiago, 4-18 September 2007
Workshop on Dark Matter 6 aprile 2006
NGC 3593 infrared images Here !!
CASPEC rotation curves Here !!
Here You can find some pictures of our life in Chile.
Here You can find some Postscript files of a railway I created for my kids to keep them busy
"How long have you been at the terminal" tests ?
test n.1 If you see a spiral, it is better to turn off the computer in 5 minutes and have some rest.
test n.2 If you see blinking spots, even if they are clearly not blinking, better to stop now !!

Carefull: I am watching you and you are now in my database!!!

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Alessandro Pizzella
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